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Spanish QA and QC analyst Medical/Legal Interpreter/Spanish QA

Functional Restauration Program

A Functional Restoration Program (FRP) is an intensive rehabilitation program for chronic pain sufferers. The patient will increase physical functioning, improve pain-coping skills, promote the return to a productive lifestyle at home or at work, and limit the need for future treatments.


I have been interpreting this program for 5 years helping patients to understand the rehabilitation program in their native language, I've seen how this program improves the patient's life and that makes me happy.


Small Claims Court - Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara

Attorney's offices often call me to help interpreting at the court.

Utilizing native speaker proficiency in Spanish and fluency in English to inform Spanish language translations across reading levels and genres.

Utilizing comprehension questions, reading level, genre, and glossary terms as resources for crafting the most relevant and appropriate Spanish translations for given terms.



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